Dear Valued Customer:

Please read the following before purchasing or using our car wash:

The Wave Car Wash strives to provide the best, most complete, and comprehensive car wash possible. With our efforts to provide such service we cannot be held responsible for damage to your vehicle resulting from pre-existing imperfections. Further, aftermarket equipment, customization, or custom decals can potentially be damaged by the car wash. Please understand and know that there is always a chance of damage when washing your vehicle and we do everything in our power by providing employee training and using the highest quality equipment, safeguards, and products to prevent it. If you are not willing to accept this please hand wash your vehicle. Please fold in your mirrors as we will not be responsible if they are folded in for you. The car wash is equipped to wash vehicles and wheels with a intact quality clear coat and know that if you have any rock chips in paint, chrome, glass, or decals there is a good chance they will be made worse as the integrity has been compromised. Rock chips are most common on the front of the vehicle and in the wheel wells please fill them in with touch-up paint and clear coat before you use the car wash. Collisions caused in the tunnel that are the fault driver negligence are the fault of that person and not The Wave and need to be handled between the parties involved. The car wash will not remove hard water, tar, or tree sap, and these items are not eligible for rewash. It is your responsibly to clean the bed of your truck out before car wash, damaged caused by your flying debris will be your responsibility.

The Wave takes the quality of its wash directly to heart, we invest in state-of-the-art wash systems and products to professionally clean and protect your vehicle. Simply put, we are the best and most complete wash available. If you are concerned about any of your pre-existing damage, imperfections, aftermarket equipment, and/or customization being damaged, please use the wash at your caution and take precaution to protect your vehicle.

Thank you for your cooperation and we appreciate your business.

If we are able to wash your extra muddy vehicle the up-charge starts at $10.00

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