Detail Packages

Interior Super Clean

  • Double vacuum
  • All vinyl, plastics & leather is wiped down with cleaner
  • High pressure air cleans vents, cracks, door jams & crevices
  • Low Gloss Protectant applied to all plastic & vinyl surfaces
  • Leather Cleaner and Conditioner applied to all leather surfaces
  • Your choice of aTouchless Auto Wash
  • Clean & Shine Interior Window
  • Tire Shine
  • Litter Bag
  • Air freshener of your choice

Carpet & Mat Express

  • Vacuum & shampoo all carpets, mats and fabric seats
  • Your choice of a Touchless Auto Wash
  • Litter Bag
  • Air freshener of your choice

Hand Wax

  • Touchless Ripple Auto Wash
  • Special “Clay Bar” contaminate removal
  • Professional Hand Wax

Professional Polish and Wax
Starting at $210

  • Touchless Ripple Auto Wash
  • Special “Clay Bar” contaminate removal
  • High speed polish with Meguire’s
  • Hand wax with Meguire’s
  • Tire gloss and wheel cleaning

Extra Large Vehicle

$15 additional charge per package
Additional charge for extra dirty and pet hair

Additional services to add shimmer to your vehicle!

Fabric Protector

Help prevent stains and maintain cleaner carpets and seats longer

Ozone Organic Odor Removal

Safely & effectively remove smoke and other organic odor

All Around Wheel Combo

Make your rims & tires shine like new with a wheel polish & tire gloss
starting at $25.00

Windshield Chip Repair

Insurance – No Charge
1st chip $35.00
$10.00 for each additional chip

Weather Tech Floor Mats

Keep your floors clean with an all season floor mat that is easy to clean.

Why Detail Your Car

Detailing will extend the life of your vehicle, and preserve the special aspects of your car that made you fall in love with it in the first place. Whether you come in once a year, or every other month, a full detail can take away damage to your vehicle, from coffee and juice spills to ink stains. It’s easy to see why detailing is so important to you as an owner and to the resale value of your vehicle. Keep your car in pristine condition and schedule your detail appointment today.

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